1 in 4 Sheffield children have a problem with their sight…
but don’t expect them to tell you about it

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1 in 4 Sheffield children have a problem with their sight… but don’t expect them to tell you about it. That’s a scary statistic, isn’t it? Opticians estimate that one in four children have something wrong with their sight… but they don’t realise there’s a problem. It doesn’t occur to them that it’s not normal for things to be blurry.

Hello, we’re Eyefinity. A specialist children’s opticians in Sheffield. If your child hasn’t had a sight test in the last 12 months, book a test online now. And yes we look after mum and dad too.

5 facts about children’s eye tests: Did you know…?

Fact 1: Most parents don’t realise they need to get their children’s sight tested at an early age. A third of parents wrongly believe that a first eye test is only due on starting school – actually, this can be too late

Fact 2: 6 in 10 parents don’t realise children need an eye test at least every 2 years

Fact 3: 85% of parents admit to not knowing much about getting heir children’s eyes tested

Fact 4: 72% of parents are unnaware glasses can potentially help straighten a squint. And 12% of parents said children only need to get their eyes tested if their parents wear glasses. Wrong!

Fact 5: Over half of parents don’t realise that a squint and lazy eye can be detected during an eye test. Early detection gives your child the best chance of great vision in both eyes

Here’s why you should trust Eyefinity with your children’s sight

Our optometrists (the opticians who test eyes) specialise in children. They’ve got a bunch of qualifications in childhood testing, and we’ve built the whole practice around their passion.

As you’d expect, there’s loads for kids to do here while their siblings and parents are having their sight tested. And a wide range of kids glasses, should they need them.

We’re based in Meersbrook with easy, free parking just across the road. Which makes for a stress-free, pleasant and FUN experience for the whole family.



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