Look Occhiali

Made in Italia

This beautifully crafted collection is a personal favourite of mine. Eyefinity is proud to have carried this collection since 2006 and look forward to stocking it for many more years to come. So of all the frame designers why Look?

Nowadays in the optics field it is possible to label frames as “Made in Italy” even though they are almost entirely manufactured in other countries that exploit low cost labor.

Look Occhiali doesn’t approve this practice, since it represents in fact an infringement of the consumer’s right to be properly informed about the origin of the product he/her wants to purchase.

Purchasing one of their products guarantees the long-standing Italian commitment to quality craftsmanship. The craftsmanship that Italian products have developed over the centuries through the synthesis of creative flair and avant-garde styling has always characterized their society.

Augusto Valentini

Augusto Valentini is the Chief Designer at Look Occhili and as such has made collection carrying his own name. This collection carries the same design philosophies described above but incoporate some newer concepts and touches. Mr Valentini’s passion for what he does is clearly demonstrated in the video below.
Prices start at £249 including stock single vision lenses & anti-reflection coating.



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